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GE reached an agreement with Clarcor Inc., one of the largest filter companies in the world, to acquire Air Filtration. Click here to read Clarcor’s press release. Subject to regulatory approvals, the deal is expected to happen before the end of 2013.

Features & Benefits

Optimize the performance and profitability of your gas turbine, plant, manufacturing operation, or product through GE's air filtration expertise. We have integrated and flexible air quality solutions to help you meet your operating goals.

  • Achieve environmental targets

  • Find cost-effective alternatives to buying new equipment or systems

  • Improve operating and maintenance costs through higher filtration performance for longer periods of time

  • Increase performance while reducing emissions

  • Acquire filter elements suitable for GE and non-GE supplied filtration systems, and most are available in industry-standard and custom-frame sizes

  • Cover a wide range of environmental conditions including monsoons, mist, freezing fog, snow, ice, and desert

  • Get testing services to monitor environments and help diagnose filtration issues

  • Look at retrofitting existing filtration systems, with more than 350 units completed by GE to date