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    The Age of Gas

    GE examines the growing role of natural gas in the global energy industry and the power of expanding networks.
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    Mastering the Approach to Meeting Evolving Customer Demands

    GE Oil & Gas has launched a new Customer Collaboration & Co-Design program to improve how we work with our customers and partners.
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    Industrial Internet: Reinventing the Industrial Revolution

    Innovations brought about by the Industrial Internet promise to bring greater speed and efficiency to industries as diverse as transportation, power generation, oil and gas development, and healthcare delivery.
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    Transforming Transportation

    A U.S. railroad industry shift to natural gas has the potential for breakthrough benefits on the national and global scale.
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    Saying goodbye to coal?

    China's efforts to improve its energy system show great promise, but a rich history in industrial and domestic coal consumption is an unavoidable challenge the country must overcome.
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    Oil and Gas Industry Key to UK Economy and Energy Security

    An increase in the exploration and recovery of oil and gas reserves in the North Sea have created demand in the UK for new subsea engineering solutions to help address the challenges of deep-water production projects.
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    Energy, the Environment and Politics

    Proven best practices and open dialogue produce meaningful resolution between generators of energy and those who work to mitigate its environmental consequences.
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    Unconventional Resources: Sustainably Powering the Future

    As global demand grows for alternative fuels, exploring unconventional resource solutions helps fulfill an increasing need for responsibly-sourced energy.
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    Reducing Flare Gas – Five Keys For Change

    In an effort to reduce carbon footprints and improve environmental conditions, GE is working to reduce Co2 emissions by reducing flare gas waste.
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    Frugal Innovation, a new Standard for Global Growth in Oil & Gas

    GE Oil & Gas experts explore innovation in India with minimal time and resources. New initiative taps external stakeholders and speeds ideas to market.