Features & Benefits

  • Series 3700 - The 3700 series’ efficient ratchet-type mechanism is noted for its long-life and accurate control. All motor and pump parts are fully protected against dirt and the elements.

  • Series 5000 - These pumps fill the requirements of a broad range of applications because of their ability to achieve high discharge pressures and wide volume ranges.

  • Series 5100 - The 5100 Series is capable of pumping high pressures with gas pressure as low as 8 psi and handling volume output up to 30 gallons per day.

  • Series 6100 - All units are pneumatically driven positive displacement, single or double acting, reciprocating pumps.

  • Series 9000 - A range of operating power pressures from 5 to 100 PSI provide discharge volumes up to 60 gallons of water and discharge pressures up to 60 psi through 2″ suction and discharge ports. It handles any liquid from alcohol to mud, liquids containing solids 1/4″ in diameter with ease and liquids containing abrasives with a minimum of wear.

  • Series MX-5 - 1-62 GPH, duplex models available, easily field serviceable lightweight.