Features & Benefits

  • Inlet guide vane enhancements dramatically reduce degradation and stress on wear-related components and lengthen the compressor's life cycle.
  • DLN 2.6+ combustion system provides low NOx level emissions, increased emissions compliant turndown, and longer combustion inspection intervals.
  • Blade health monitoring system provides real-time measurements of key static and dynamic deflection features to help determine blade deterioration.
  • Cooling enhancement improves power output and base-load efficiency through better management of turbine section clearances and cooling air flows.
  • Fast start reduces start time across the entire start sequence — to 15 minutes in simple cycle, and up to 20 minutes less in combined cycle.
  • Mark* VIe Control System’s real-time physics based modeling increases overall performance, operability, and reliability.
  • Combined cycle efficiency is greater than 59 percent.
  • The 3-stage HGP turbine has Advanced Gas Path features, with improved materials and cooling and longer part durability.