Features & Benefits

GE provides a broad range of power packages from 5 MW to nearly 50 MW for simple cycle, combined cycle, or cogeneration applications. Our small heavy-duty gas turbines:

  • Incorporate the latest in aerodynamic design derived from GE Aircraft Engine transonic flow aero design technology

  • Offer compact and versatile package arrangements for both Power Generation and Mechanical Drive applications

  • Available in both diffusion combustion system and DLN (Dry Low NOx) versions

  • Able to burn a wide range of liquid and gaseous fuels, including Low BTU gas and hydrogen

  • Compressor is a high performance, eleven-stage axial flow design with a 15.5:1 pressure ratio

  • Combustion system consists of a single, slot-cooled chamber assembly that permits easy maintenance of the hot gas path

  • Next evolution of the field proven PGT10