Features & Benefits

MLC & MLL Stack down systems

  • Generous washout ports in the running tool

  • All casing hangers have robust left-hand threads

  • 13-3/8” and 9.5/8” casing hangers also have finer right-hand tieback threads

  • Three metal-to-metal seal areas for running tool, corrosion cap and tieback tool on 13.3/8’ and 9.5/8” hanger

  • Overtorque protection on all running, tieback tools and corrosion caps

  • Long lead in stab guidance

  • Heavy string weights/Deep wells

  • MLC - Up to 10,000 psi rated, MLL - Up to 15,000 psi rated


Horizontal & Conventional Mudline on Tree Systems

  • Compact design permits deployment from most standard jack-up drilling rigs

  • Can be installed on single satellite wells or in closely grouped clusters, with tie in to a host platform or land based facility