Features & Benefits

The ABWR is the world’s first – and only – Generation III reactor that is in operation today, with over 15 years safe and successful operating experience in the first unit. Four ABWRs have been built in less than 45 months each, and there are four more under construction. GE Hitachi's ABWR has the lowest core damage frequency of any Gen III reactor design. 

The ESBWR builds upon the ABWR’s advanced technology by using natural circulation and fully passive safety systems to provide over seven days of core fuel cooling with no electricity or human action following a total station blackout. ESBWR has the lowest core damage frequency, as well as the lowest projected operating and maintenance costs, of any Gen III+ reactor.
The PRISM reactor is a Generation IV, sodium-cooled reactor that produces electricity while recycling used nuclear fuel or transuranic wastes (including plutonium). PRISM is based on over 30 years of safe operation of test reactors by U.S. national labs with improvements in design including substantial simplification and air-cooled passive safety with no operator action required.