Features & Benefits

Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFL)

  • Conveys hydraulics and chemicals between units

  • Make / break with all lines under pressure

  • Consists of couplers at each end that can be manipulated by ROV

  • Mono couplers that the ROV can install one line at a time

  • Stabplate mounted to allow multiple connection

  • Consists of steel tube, HCR or thermoplastic hose (or a combination) to carry the fluids

  • Experience at pressures of 15kpsi.

Electrical Flying Leads (EFL)

  • Transfer electrical power and communication signals between units

  • Medium Voltage flying leads may be used for ESPs

  • Optical flying leads contain fibres

  • Hybrid flying leads may contain both fibre and electrical conductors

  • May be mated subsea

  • Cable may be extruded (shallow water) or individual conductors in a pressure balanced oil filled hose (deep water)