Features & Benefits

  • We operate to the highest EHS standards, employing rigorous test, audit and review procedures in everything we do – minimizing risk at all stages
  • With over 30 years experience in subsea controls, we deliver structured products using field proven modules, while achieving functional flexibility
  • Our expertise can help you optimize topsides to subsea communications choices, and maximize bandwidth while minimizing system costs
  • Modular designs with an eye toward retro-fits let you take advantage of newer technology and extend the life of mature fields
  • Newly developed, intelligent line-insulation monitoring unit ensures continuous status monitoring of seabed umbilical electrical cores
  • Our range of products and experience delivers power/communications technology for subsea-to-beach applications for distances greater than 50 km
  • Design features that minimize the quantity of umbilical supply lines reduce capital and installation costs
  • Installed operational capability plus off-line SmartCenter analysis provides opportunities for improved production flows and enhanced recoveries