Features & Benefits

Generator Test & Inspections to quickly and accurately assess the condition of your generator

Generator Field and Stator Rewind Solutions to maintain or improve reliability and availability as well as extend asset life

Generator Capacity Uprate Solutions that apply cutting-edge technology advancements to increase the rating of your generator

Generator Controls Retrofits to improve controls capability and improve reliability, availability, & maintainability

Generator to Synchronous Condenser Conversions that provide the ability to support the grid with pure reactive power without fuel costs for the prime mover

Generator Exchange Fields that provide the latest technology enhancements for extended field life implemented in world class outage duration

Generator Advanced Monitoring Solutions to continuously monitor the condition of your generator and reduce unplanned maintenance

Generator Repair Solutions engineered from fleet experience to drive reliability, availability, and maintainability improvements

Non-GE Generator Service Solutions that apply engineered technology upgrades
to improve generator performance and extend generator life (please visit our partner Sensoplan