Features & Benefits

  • 360-degree work platforms ensure access to BWR internals; modular sections allow customization; easy disassembly, storage; savings with each outage.
  • Vacuum canister sipping system identifies leaks that have previously gone undetected in PWR and BWR fuel assemblies.
  • Real-time data for reduced outage time through GEH's Remote Digitized Acquisition Transmission and Analysis (R-Data) tool.
  • Jet Pump Assembly Inspection provides underwater, remote-operated vehicle probe to minimize critical path time and overall outage costs.
  • Lily Pad floating platform is outfitted with remote-control robotic arm and camera, keeping the bridge free for parallel fuel moves.
  • Telescoping Shroud Scanner (TS²) performs non-intrusive ultrasonic inspections of reactor's shroud circumferential and vertical welds.
  • Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) Inside Diameter inspection tooling allows a single-pass scan of welds and heat-affected zones without impacting site.
  • Invader provides advanced cameras and remote positioning for visual inspection during critical path activities -- without a track or rail system.