How it works

It‘s everything you need to power your bottom line and help protect the environment. Whether you’re a fleet owner or a daily driver, GE’s CNG In A Box turnkey technology helps drivers around the world fuel up faster with the abundant, cleaner burning and cheaper alternative to gas and diesel fuel.

GE’s cutting edge CNG In A Box technology pulls together more than a hundred years of GE advanced engineering and technology expertise from across its portfolio.

At the heart of this innovative technology is GE’s high-speed reciprocating (HSR) compressor. This class-leading technology provides fueling station owners with the fastest refueling rate available for natural gas vehicles.

When you combine GE’s world-class compressor technology with GE Wayne’s innovative dispenser technology, with available credit card reader, and a Remote Utility Box, you have the world’s most innovative solution for alternative fueling.

You have the CNG In A Box system.

Features & Benefits

  • GE High-speed reciprocating compressor: With capabilities up to 400 Horse-Power you can fuel up faster and keep moving!
  • GE Wayne Fuel Dispenser: Engineered for high and standard flow capabilities, with optional POS and credit card capabilities
  • Optimized Support: Full-service support, from start-up and commissioning to 24/7 emergency response and technical support, to rapid parts availability