How it works

GE’s Altair product line is designed to work in all types of environments: offshore, land-based, or coastal.

Our filtration solutions for offshore air inlets, GE’s AltairSystem2™ and AltairAquila™ filtration units, have been the industry standard for over 40 years in the protection of offshore and coastal gas turbines.

GE’s experience with applications such as pipelines, LNG liquefaction plants, refineries, and petrochemical complexes is unmatched. Many of these installations are situated in high-dust environments or polluted atmospheres. For such situations, we offer two industry-leading solutions – the AltairSupernova™ and AltairLibrapulse™ filtration systems.

Coastal locations (those located within 5-10 miles from the sea) differ from a land-based site due to the presence of salt aerosols in the atmosphere. GE offers a range of specialized solutions to address issues in coastal locations, and systems such as the marinized AltairSupernova ensure optimum filtration.

Features & Benefits

  • Provide enhanced protection against any salt aerosols present in the air.

  • Self-cleaning unit ideally suited to high dust-load environments such as deserts or industrial areas.