How it works

Plant Control consists of the controls systems included for the rotating equipment (gas turbine, steam turbine and generator), the heat recovery steam generator (HRSG), and balance of plant – all providing synergy of hardware and software.

· Each gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, HRSG, and balance of plant system has a control system to control, protect, and monitor the equipment.
· Since the individual control systems need to work together for effective plant operation, information is communicated peer-to-peer between control systems on Ethernet-based networks.
· Operators and maintenance personnel use operator stations, engineering workstations, and historians to monitor plant-wide, synchronized data with a common ControlST* software suite.
· Remote monitoring of plant conditions and remote operation (dispatch) are available from centralized customer operations centers and GE Energy Service centers.

*Trademark of the General Electric Company

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible distributed architecture allows for lower installation and ongoing life-cycle maintenance cost.
  • Model Based Control – Enhanced performance based on improved design margins providing more flexible operation.
  • Plant-wide Control ST Software Suite simplifies operation and maintenance with a common software toolset and synchronized data set.
  • Scalable Redundancy increases availability, reliability, and platform flexibility.
  • Integrated Turbo-machinery & BOP Control simplifies operation and maintenance with reduced life- cycle cost from a common control solution across the plant.