GE has been involved in China since the early 1900s. Evolving from a sales department to an operational company offering sales, engineering, research, and development. Actively involved in China's infrastructure construction, GE has helped build the country with 270 gas turbines, 70 steam turbines, 40 gasification licenses, and over 1000 wind turbines. Showing GE’s commitment to the region, GE’s China Technology Center in Shanghai is one of the company’s four global research centers.

Regional Considerations

GE is at the heart of China’s sustainable development, offering green solutions to address the country’s energy needs, from cleaner power generation to multiple renewable energy solutions. For example, gasification technology plays a critical role in China’s clean coal initiatives. In remote areas, Jenbacher gas engines use biowaste to generate power and heat for households.

GE’s world leading gas turbine technology can help solve industrial waste gas issues, use them as fuel to generate power, while performing better emissions control.

GE, a trusted long-term partner, strengthens the cooperation with many Chinese companies to meet the future requirement of energy in China.