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You could continuously improve technologies that improve environmental and social performance, and support management of your environmental impact and regulatory compliance? GE can help – find out more here.

How it works

It’s more important than ever to utilize new technology to continually improve your operation’s output while reducing its impact on the environment. GE helps you meet the challenges of staying ahead of the regulatory curve and meeting your production goals.

GE has pioneered technologies for environmentally sensitive areas around the globe, and continues to invest considerable resources dedicated to solving the most pressing challenges in the heavy oil industry.

Shrink your environmental footprint with GE products that have third-party eco certification – also a boost for public perception.

GE is positioned to help you get proactive about emissions regulations. Upgrade existing equipment, utilize new solutions for reducing your carbon intensity, install renewable energy solutions, and more.

Features & Benefits

Water treatment capability: Broad portfolio that covers every technology

Experience in sensitive environments: Past dealings with monumental issues (e.g., power plants in sensitive areas, etc.)

ecomagination: Globally recognized initiative to reduce carbon intensity and water use

New technologies for old equipment: Solutions such as dry low nitrogen oxide systems, remote DLN tuning, and improved metallurgy

Carbon capture & enhanced oil recovery

Renewable portfolio: Wind turbines, solar energy, Smart Grid, and more